Home is where we choose to make it - and for many of us, it's not the place we were born. Whether it's down the road, to a different town or to a different country altogether, people move - we always have and we always will.

it's time for a change

For decades, politicians in Westminster have been building a hostile environment for people who choose to make the UK their home.

But it's time for change.

Our local communities in all corners of the UK want to welcome their neighbours, wherever they are from and however long they've been here.

They recognise that community depends not on the colour of your skin or what's in your passport, but on the ties that bind us all together.

Local councils can be part of supporting their communities to be welcoming, inclusive and engaging places for everyone who lives there.

Councils have the power to make decisions that affect the everyday lives of all residents - from schools to social services support, from deciding how our public spaces are designed to who can live and work safely in the local area.

With the right support, councils can make the right decisions and turn hostility into hope, fear into friendship.

hostility into hope

time to claim back power

It's time to claim back power from the Westminster politicians who stoke racism and division in our communities, and the unaccountable private companies paid billions to do their bidding.

The Migrant Champions Network supports local councillors up and down the country to fight back against divisive rhetoric and damaging policies, and support migrants and their communities to flourish and grow side by side.

Find out more about our campaigns, get stuck into our resources or contact us to find out more and get involved.